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Arrival - 9am and 12 noon

  • The main front door is opened by one of the Management Team and children enter Pre-School independently, leaving parents/carers at the door.    Due to COVID-19, parents are not entering Pre-School unless in extreme or pre-arranged circumstances   We would like to reassure you that since this system has been put in place, the children have embraced entering independently and it means that the door can be closed quickly and the session started immediately. 

  • The coat rack is in the main room (or outside in nice weather).  We encourage children to become independent in putting on/taking off coats but a member of staff is available to support, guide and help children. 

  • Chilren are signed in at the register on Famly by a member of staff and they go straight to play. 

  • Children arriving at 12 noon will need to have had their lunch before arriving. 

Late Arrival - 9.15am and 12.15pm

  • Some parents may not be able to arrive for a 9am (morning session) or 12 noon (afternoon session) start, therefore we will re-open he door at 9.15am and at 12.15pm.

  • You do not need to ring the doorbell, a member of staff will check if anyone is waiting at these times. 

  • It will be useful to know if you will be doing a late arrival time (but we do understand that this may be more ad hoc). 

  • Charges are made for the full sessions regardless of late arrival time, 

  • If the door has already closed following the initial 9am or 12 noon entry time, you will need to wait with your child for the next entry - this is to minimise disruption to children already in the setting and to ensure that a staff member is not removed from ratio to open the door at ad hoc times (unless in an emerencey). 


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Arrival Procedures


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