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Departure - 11.30am and 3pm

  • Parents collect children from the PLAYGROUND DOORS - the gates will be unlocked at the end of the session and parents queue to collect children. 

  • At collection time both in the morning and afternoon, please wait under the canopy at the front of the building until the children go in from outside play.    It is unsettling for some of the children to have parents talking to them over the gates or to be able to see their parent/carer on the other side of the gate.   Staff may ask you to move back from the gates as they have to be aware of all adults in the vicinity. 

  • Children are called to the door by one of the Deputies and handed to their adult along with any artwork or paperwork. 

Early Collection - 2.45pm 

Some parents may need to to collect early in the afternoon so we have a 2.45pm collection:

  • You do not need to ring the bell for early collection 

  • The children will leave via the front door and will be brought to the foyer to meet their parents 

  • The Office staff must be advised at the beginning of term whether or not you will be collecting at 2.45 so it is noted on the register so the children can be ready for collection. 

  • If you have arranged an early collection, these must be consistent and prompt. 

  • If you are late to collect, your child may be taken back to the main room and need to be collected at 3pm as a member of staff will be waiting with your child and not in the room with the larger group - it can also be distressing for your child to have to wait away from the group. 

  • Charges are made for the full session i.e. until 3pm. 

  • Please do not arrive and ring the bell just prior to or after 2.45 as once again, this will take a staff member out of ratio with the children. 

  • Obviously in an emergency situation, we will bring your child to you at the front of the building at any time. 


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Collection Procedure

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