Children learn best in a play-orientated environment with a high ratio of well qualified staff to support them.   Like all Early Years settings, we follow the Early Years Foundation stage which comprises of the following areas.    


Prime Areas:

- Communication and Language

- Physical Development

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Specific Areas:

- Literacy

- Maths

- Understanding the World

- Expressive Arts & Design 

When your child first starts at Pre-School, we will be concentrating on supporting them in the Prime Areas of learning as we feel that your child needs to be happy, confident and feel secure to start to learn. 


Parents will be given information on our personalised curriculum when starting at the Pre-School.    If you would like information prior to putting your child on our waiting list, please contact us. 


Wellcomm Speech and Language Assessments

As part of our commitment to Children’s speech and language development, children are screened during their first term at Pre-School using the Wellcomm Speech and Language toolkit if parents have any concerns or staff feel that an assessment is necessary.


Where necessary, plans are put in place to support the child's communication and language skills and information and guidance is shared with parents.


Home Learning

We work extremely closely with parents to support children and parents where necessary - we have a large stock of information leaflets on all sorts of subjects such as sleeping, eating, speech & language right through to supporting children's learning.   We also work with individual families to provide home learning activities to support their child's development.    If you would like some information, please speak to the Early Years Manager or Deputies.  

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