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Tel:   01279 503895

Mob. 07722 129073


Tel: 01279 503895  |  Mob: 07722 129073

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Parental Help at Pre-School


We always welcome parents and carers to come along and help at Pre-School. It is a great way of seeing how your child is getting on and the sort of things they enjoy doing as well as being an invaluable help to staff. Your child will feel very important having you there and it will give their self-esteem a boost too.


If you would like to help out either regularly or on an ad hoc basis, please speak to the Manager who will arrange a date with you.


When a parent is helping they are welcome to bring along younger brothers or sisters but they are ultimately responsible for the visiting child.  We welcome Mums, Dads, Grandparents, and Childminders etc to help.


During busy periods, we may ask for parental help for the last half hour of each session to wash up the cups and plates or to help with particular activities or events - this gives the staff more time to be working with the children.    


If you feel you would like to come along occasionally but are a little concerned about procedures etc please feel free to ask a member of staff.


When you arrive at the session to help, staff will give you an information sheet about what you will or won't be expected to do - if you would like to see this before you decide to sign up to help, please speak to Jean.


We are always keen to bring new experiences to the children and if you have a particular talent, hobby, occupation or interest that you think the children would enjoy hearing about please let us know and we will arrange for you to come in.


Helping in other ways

We appreciate that not all parents are able to help at sessions due to family or work commitments but if you would still like to become involved, you can put your name on our "help" list to support us at events such as manning a stall at fayres or making tea at events.   Alternatively why not think about joining the Committee, click here for more information.