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Settling In Procedures 

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It is important that your child has a happy introduction to Pre-School.     This may be their first time away from you as parents, and the start of their educational journey so it is really important that it is a positive experience from day one. 


We advise visiting the group with your child before they are due to start so that we can meet and discuss your child and any concerns or questions that you may have as well as enabling them to see where they will be attending.    During COVID-19 pandemic, visits are organised in the playground only or as small group settling sessions just prior to starting. 


To enable us to support and plan for your child, please complete paperwork in as much detail as possible and return it as soon as possible so that we can prepare for your child.


Every child is different and therefore we will work individually with you if your child has difficulties settling - the staff are very experienced at supporting children and parents through what can be a very stressful time (we also have lots of resources and strategies that will be put in place if necessary).      


As part of your welcome pack, your child gets a small photo book about Pre-School - showing things that your child can take part in during their sessions, please share this with your child and talk about all the wonderful things that they will get to experience.   


It is important that the adult that drops the child off to Pre-School looks confident and happy as if you show worry and doubt, your child will pick up on this so we do ask parents not to speak about any concerns in front of their child (we are more than happy to chat to you once your child is safely inside the Pre-School).    We understand that different people may drop your child at Pre-School but ask that you share this information with them so that everyone is following the same consistent approach. 


Our settling policy states that all children will attend for an hour on their first session so they can get used to us for a short space of time - this is then extended for each individual child depending on their needs - this will be discussed with each parent individually - you will be given individual start and end times so your child is the only one to arrive at a set time for the first few sessions - that way we can ensure that we can give them an individualised welcome and any support needed.     The Settling Policy is given to all parents as part of the welcome pack.


We recommend sending them in with any comforter for the first few sessions (ensuring that it is named).


Tel: 01279 503895  |  Mob: 07722 129073